The iPhone 11 Pro Max’s killer cameras, excellent battery life and super-bright display make it the phone to beat

The iPhone 11 Pro Max isn’t just the best phone around, it’s the phone I’d buy with my own money.

Yes, the regular $399 iPhone 11 is a fantastic value, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max ($499) has a more dynamic OLED display compared with the iPhone 11’s LCD. I also like having the third lens on the iPhone 11 Pro Max for telephoto zoom, which the iPhone 11 lacks. And as much as I like the smaller iPhone 11 Pro, I prefer the iPhone 11 Pro Max for its bigger screen and longer battery life.

Apple should have included more storage to start, and the design looks a bit too familiar from the front. But as you’ll see in this in-depth iPhone 11 Pro Max review, it’s the best iPhone yet. Although the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra offers 5G and a more powerful zoom, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is still the best phone money can buy.

iPhone 11 Pro Max review: cheat sheet

  • The triple cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro Max now give Apple the best camera phone, thanks to its great Night mode and improved Smart HDR. Check our our iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4 camera face-off.
  • The cameras also shoot gorgeous-looking 4K video with extended dynamic range and cinematic video stabilization.
  • Apple’s slow-motion selfies are fun at 120 fps, even if the slofie name doesn’t take off.
  • If you want the longest battery life, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the one to get, as it lasted nearly 12 hours on our web surfing test. The regular iPhone 11 Pro averaged 10:24.
  • Apple finally included a fast charger in the box, so you can get to 50 percent in 30 minutes.
  • We wish Apple included more than 64GB of storage, so you may want to pay for more if you shoot a lot of video.

iPhone 11 Pro Max price and availability

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is now available and went on sale Sept. 20. The phone starts at a fairly steep $419 ($45.79 per month) but can be had for as little as $379 ($20.79) if you trade in an iPhone XS Max. (Older iPhones fetch a smaller trade-in value from Apple.)

The iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with 64GB of storage. A 256GB model sells for $1,249 and the 512GB version costs $499. It’s worth noting that the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus come with 256GB standard, which is quadruple the storage.

If you’re buying the iPhone 11 Pro Max in the UK, prices start at £1,149 for 64GB of storage, then £1,299 for 128GB and £1,499 for 256GB. Apple is running a trade-in offer if you’re willing to give them your current phone in part-exchange, meaning that you can get the iPhone 11 Pro Max for as low as £859 depending on your existing phone’s value.

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