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Apple’s making it harder and harder to review the iPhone every year. Once again, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are incredibly iterative.

 [Update: Apple has added a new iPhone 8 Plus color, and we’ve opined about that below. Also, thinking about buying? Then make sure you check out our iPhone 8 Plus deals to ensure you’re getting the best offer.]

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  • The iPhone 8 Plus looks like the iPhone 7 Plus, which looks like the 6S Plus, which looks like the 6 Plus. The only thing that marks out the newer model visually is the addition of the glass back and the two-tone effect it creates… if it wasn’t for that, it would be impossible to tell this and the 7 Plus apart.
  • Weight: 202g
  • Dimensions: 158.4 x 78.1 x 7.5mm
  • OS: iOS 11
  • Screen size: 5.5-inch
  • Resolution: 1080 x 1920
  • CPU: Apple A11 Bionic
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Storage: 64/256GB
  • Battery: 2,691mAh
  • Rear camera: Dual 12MP
  • Front camera: 7MP
  • That said, maybe this is more of a statement about the state of the industry. Apple has never changed things for the sake of it, and with  the 8 Plus it feels like Apple saying there’s nothing truly fundamental out there to move to.

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