While Samsung’s JU6700 4K UHD TV is one of the manufacturer’s lower end 2015 4K TV models, it still has plenty of value to offer the would-be buyer. In other words, despite a lack of Samsung’s more advanced ultra HD display technologies and a few minor to moderate flaws, the JU6700 is still a solid performer and would work great as a smaller-issue starter model for many home entertainment fans who want to get started with 4K UHD TV but without spending a small fortune on the latest and best display technology available today.

Featuring a slightly bulkier, less aesthetically pleasing variation of Samsung’s usually ulta-thin TV design factor, the JU6700 is still quite an elegant 4K TV and what it loses out on in thinness, it makes up for in an appealing curved design, a minimalist bezel and an unobtrusive base. Furthermore, connectivity in this particular 4K UHD TV is almost as good as it gets for what Samsung offers and with the exception of access to HDR 4K ultra HD content, the JU6700 offers the full range of essential specs for viewing all the best and latest UHD home entertainment.

On the whole, the mid-grade JU6700 is a solid first-timer purchase that competes well against similar-level models from Sony or Panasonic. Against LG’s non-OLED TVs at this same price, we’d say that the JU6700 is a downright superior choice.

buy Samsung 4K UHD JU6700 Series Curved Smart TV – 55” Class (54.6” Diag.)

Wholesale Price: $365.00

The GoodFirst of all, we’d like to start with the look of the JU6700. This TV isn’t as pretty as Samsung’s JS lines of SUHD 4K TVs with their silvery look and even thinner screens but it’s still an elegant, good looking piece of hardware that won’t shame anyone by sitting in their living room. Its black body is relatively minimalist and the edge bezeling of the screen measures out at just a little over half an inch across the 55 inch display space. This is good and it creates a distraction-free immersive experience. Furthermore, the stand is small but sturdy, occupying less than the total footprint of the TV itself, meaning that it can be easily placed on a wider range of smaller surfaces. This is customary of Samsung’s TV support stands and something we prefer over the bulkier design of Sony TV supports.

Next up, there is the picture quality. Without being absolutely great, it’s very good with great contrast and reasonably solid color performance whether you’re viewing the TV in a dark room or a brightly lit space. Some users and other reviewers have complained about poor off-angle viewing an while the curved screen does actually reduce quality viewing angles slightly, we didn’t find the JU6700 to show a seriously notable drop in picture quality at off-center angles. We’d also like to point out that black uniformity on the JU6700 is downright great, with deviation from a uniform black of no more than 1.3% in just a couple of minor spots along the lower edge of the screen and long the right side. In other words, it’s something that won’t distract from picture quality in any really notable way during viewing of dark scenes.

We also like the overall brightness of the picture thanks to Samsung’s clear coat screen technology. While this is an edge-lit LED TV (meaning that it won0t be nearly as solid a performer as the company’s Full Array LED backlit models) Samsung is particularly good at making the most of their edge-lit displays with some very bright, powerful LED arrays and the resulting brightness is very solid if not spectacular. It works, as we’d already alluded to, in both bright rooms and dark viewing spaces.

Moving along, we’ll finally also mention that the JU6700 comes with Samsung’s Quad-core processing technology and has been reportedly updated with the new Tizen OS that the company is switching to. The model we’re reviewing here comes with the older Smart Hub smart TV platform and while this version of the Samsung interactive ecosystem isn’t nearly as efficient and user-friendly as Tizen, it still works well in general and reacts at excellent speed thanks to the JU6700’s quad-core processing technology.

On a another display quality note, we’d like to say that the JU6700’s upscaling engine is passably good without being superb or as powerful as we’ve seen upscaling perform in other Samsung and particularly Sony 4K UHD TVs. However, while we weren’t deeply impressed with the HD to 4K upscaling quality of the JU6700, we also weren’t disappointed. It does its job reasonably well and especially upscales well when it comes to Full HD content from high quality sources like Blu-ray. This is a crucial spec to have working well given how little native 4K UHD content there really is on the market even now to give 4K UHD TVs their best value as entertainment systems.

Finally, the JU6700 is a wonderfully affordable 4K UHD TV from a great brand that’s known for its quality. This characteristic is what most makes us willing to overlook some of this TVs flaws and the price of this 55 inch model definitely lets the TV offer some very solid value per dollar spent.

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4.4 – 128 Reviews

The badUnfortunately, the Samsung JU6700 also comes with its fair share of moderate to minor flaws. In our opinion, none of them are serious deal breakers considering how affordable this TV is but they do take away from what could have easily been a superior television set.

First off the bat, there is the low native refresh rate of the JU6700. At 60Hz, it’s below what we’d like to see in any 4K TV at a minimum of 120Hz. However, Samsung has introduced their Motion Rate technology and Auto Motion Plus that artificially bump up the refresh to 120Hz but while these can be helpful for some content, they also create a rather unpleasant looking “soap opera” effect for other sources of video. Furthermore, the JU6700 doesn’t offer any support for 24p video framing and as a result judder on 24p video sources of almost any kind is almost always noticeable. The effect is rather mild but it’s definitely there and can get a a bit annoying during movies.

Furthermore, while the JU6700 does come with great contrast levels and some very solid performance in its rendering of uniform full-screen blacks, it is weak on displaying a high degree of grey uniformity. In this area, there is a lot of deviation from a standard grey level and testing on a fully grey screen showed that deviation to be as wide at 4.6% in some spots.

Finally, while we can’t exactly blame the lower-end JU6700 for lacking advanced features like quantum dot color enhancement technology and HDR support, we are definitely unhappy about a lack of support for local dimming features. This is one aspect of the TV’s design that Samsung could have easily added in and they didn’t with a notable lack of fine contrast between more finely detailed areas of light/dark interplay on the screen.

On a last note, the Samsung JU6700 is also definitely on the thick side as 4K UHD TV. While you won’t notice this when looking at the model from in front, it does add a bit to the weight for this smaller UN40JU6700 model.

Final ThoughtsOur bottom line view of the Samsung JU6700 is that it’s low price and list of solid features combine to make this a very good starter 4K UHD TV for someone who wants to keep to a budget while still getting their hands on some very solid design quality. Yes, the JU6700 is lacking in some of the finer, cooler features that modern 4K UHD display technology has to offer but it offers a lot more than many other 4K TVs which we’ve seen selling for significantly higher prices.

SpecsScreen size: 54.6 diagonal inches
List of Models: UN40JU6700 – 40 inches, UN48JU6700 – 48 inches, UN55JU6700 – 55 inches, UN65JU6700 – 65 inches
Smart TV: Smart TV with Apps, S-Recommendation and Full Web Browser
HEVC (H.265) Included: Yes
HD to UHD upscaling: Yes
HDCP 2.2 Compliance: Yes
Refresh Rate: 60Hz native refresh rate (Motion Rate 120Hz)
Screen Lighting: Edge-lit LED backlighting without local dimming
Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels UHD
Wireless Connectivity: Yes, includes both built-in WiFi and Ethernet port
Remotes: Sony touch pad remote, conventional button remote and iPhone App remote
Connectivity: 4 HDMI 2.0 ports, 3 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, 1 Component, 1 composite, 1 Audio Out, 1 Digital Audio Out
Sound: 20W (10W x 2) Down Firing + Base Reflex (2CH) speakers with DTS Premium Sound 5.1
Contrast Ratio: 2940:1
Other Display Features: Auto Depth Enhancer and PurColor Accuracy
TV weight without/with stand: 35.7 lb/42.1 lb
Dimensions: 48.9″ x 28.2″ x 4.4″ inches without stand/ With stand: 48.9″ x 30.3″ x 12.1″ inches
Processor: Quad-core

HighlightsThe JU6700 doesn’t come with much in the way of truly innovative and unique highlights like those we’ve seen in some of Samsung’s other, newer 4K UHD TVs. As one of the company’s JU TVs, it lacks cutting-edge features such as quantum dot color enhancement, high dynamic range for much more refined contrast levels and the new Tizen smart TV platform that Samsung’s best TVs come packaged with.

However, there are a few cool enhancements that are worth mentioning in the JU6700. First among these is the Auto Depth Enhancer technology that this and many other Samsung 4K UHD TVs come with. While a bit basic despite its high-line name, Auto Depth Enhancer does help out with picture depth and realism by using the curved screen and a somewhat optimized level of contrast across multiple screen zones to create a deeper perception of depth and dimensionality. As far as creating 3D-like picture depth goes, this feature is weak in comparison to the HDR-enhanced qualities we’ve seen of Sony’s best 4K UHD TVs or Samsung’s higher-end SUHD models like the JS9500 and JS9000 but Auto Depth Enhancer in the JU6700 still manages to give it a performance boost that goes beyond the average for an LCD/LED TV in this price range.

Next up, there is Samsung’s PurColor technology with Wide Color Enhancer Plus. Again, these two technologies pale in comparison to the much richer color you’ll find in a 4K UHD TV that comes with HDR and quantum dot color enhancement (Samsung’s most expensive SUHD TVs have both), but it still does allow the JU6700 to deliver a level of color performance that’s above average for a $1000 LCD/LED 4K TV and for most users, a small touch of color calibration away from the out-of-the-box settings will result in an overall color gamut and picture quality that definitely look good.

Finally, the upscaling engine of the JU6700 is an absolutely great performer when it comes to enhancing the quality of Full HD content to 4K UHD levels. While the upscaler doesn’t do such a great job for 480p and 720p HD content, it’s work with Full HD and particularly Blu-ray Full HD is superb and more than makes watching 1080p resolution on this 4K TV worthwhile.

Check the Price of the Samsung JU6700 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV on Amazon:

4.4 – 128 Reviews

Visual SpecsIn terms of visual specs, the Samsung 55JU6700 is a solid performer that manages to deliver the goods without impressing in the same way that much better 4K TVs on the top shelf will manage to do. We’ve already covered some of this TVs visual specs above but in addition to those, some others worth mentioning are the following:

Color quality on the UN65JU6700 is modest without calibration (right out of the box) but can be improved by quite a bit after a bit of adjustment. After some recalibration of essential settings, this TV managed to offer a fairly robust and vibrant level of color performance with color dE of 0.284, Gamma at a very respectable 2.1 and an overall Rec 2020 color coverage of about 56.2%, which also isn’t too bad at all.

As far as the TV’s actual native contrast ratio goes, we’ve seen better but the JU6700 also doesn’t do a bad job of contrast at all at just under 3000:1. This is better than what virtually any 4K UHD PC monitor delivers and it’s definitely a superior performance level to that which we’ve seen on many mid-grade 4K TVs which are even more expensive than the JU6700. The JU6700 performs particularly well on contrast in comparison to many of LG’s non-OLED 4K models, some of which sell for higher prices than this model. We find this to be a bit ironic given LG’s “perfect” reputation for producing contrast in its OLED 4K UHD TVs.

On the other hand, the JU6700 lacks local dimming for more refined detail in contrast rendering and we found this to be a disappointment, although the final result during movies with complicated lighting in their scenes isn’t nearly as bad as we expected it to be, partly due to the overall high quality of contrast maybe. Furthermore, the JU6700 isn’t the best performer when it comes to fast action in native 4K or upscaled Full HD video. With a low native refresh rate of only 60Hz, no support for 24p content formats and poor motion blur handling, the JU6700 isn’t your best choice of a 4K UHD TV for sportscasts and fat action gaming in ultra HD resolution.

ConnectivityConnectivity-wise the UN55JU6700 offers up the standard package of features that we all expect from any modern 4K UHD TV. While there is no support for HDR or for the HDR-ready HDMI 2.0a connectivity standard, the JU6700 does offer four HDMI 2.O ports, full HDCP 2.2 compatibility, HEVC and VP9 content compression codec decoding capacity and a full web browser built into its Smart Hub smart TV OS platform. On the other hand, this particular model doesn’t come with One Connect box connectivity, making it less of a “future-proof” 4K TV than other Samsung models that do have the updateable external connection box as the place for their different connectivity ports.

PricingThe Samsung UN55JU6700 4K UHD smart TV is currently selling on Amazon.com for a very reasonable price of just $1,097.99. Not too bad all things considered. Other sizes such as the 40 inch UN45JU6700 retails for $747.99, 48 inch for $897.99, and 65 inch for $1,597.99.

Check the Price of the Samsung UN55JU6700 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV on Amazon:

4.4 – 128 Reviews

Not so GreatTo summarize briefly, the JU6700 suffers from some minor picture defects in the form of less than stellar color, a moderate upscaling engine, a low refresh rate, poor motion blur correction support and a lack of support for 24p content formats. Thus, it can judder notably during action sequences, sportscasts and gaming at 4K resolution. We also dislike the lack of One Connect box support in this particular model.


• Excellent price
• Great contrast
• Solid performance in dark and bright rooms
• Great Full HD upscaling
• Decent color


• Low native refresh rate
• No One Connect support
• No support for 24p
• Curved screen is pointles

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